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Weedoo Shoreline Conveyor

The Weedoo shoreline conveyor is a must-have accessory that helps you quickly remove large amounts of plant material or debris. It’s designed to work on shorelines, shallow waters, docks, and floating barges. Built with portability in mind, it can easily be transported and conveniently fitted onto any of our durable workboats. It’s the perfect choice for your seasonal waterway maintenance activities, and due to its easy setup, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Weedoo -

Versatile and Easy to Transport

Due to its versatility, this portable tool can tackle a variety of lake maintenance challenges in an eco-friendly manner. Move soil, gravel, or sand from one location to another. Or engage in anything from beach restoration to erosion control.

Conveyor Features and Specifications

This machine comes with an adjustable stanchion base that will keep the conveyor stable while using it. When you need to attach the conveyor to a trailer or a car, you can use a trailer tongue to transport it with ease. It also includes a bagging hoop. It will steer the waste material into the bags and keep them open for more efficient loading.
Weedoo - conveyor-427
Made of durable materials that can withstand harsh marine conditions. The conveyor is compatible with all our other equipment and will be a handy addition to your Weedoo collection of boats and accessories.

Specification 427-XL

8 ft
7 ft 3 in
15 ft
Diesel Weight
2285 lbs
1030 kg
Boat Draft (drives down)
10in (20in)
254mm (508mm)
Height from Waterline
46-48 in
1168-1219 mm

The Conveyor Package Includes:

  • Portable Conveyor
  • 24v Portable battery Pack w Charge
  • Adjustable Stanchion Base
  • Trailer Tongue Arm
  • Bagging Hoop