Weedoo Workboats

Amphibious Aquatic Weed Harvester 6925


...what this versatile amphibious weed harvester can do

  • From Land to Sea—Autonomous loading and unloading, drives itself into the water
  • Light and Versatile—Harvester is easy to maneuver Powerful—4-cylinder diesel engine
  • Large Storage Capacity—Up to 5.5m3 (19.6 yd.3 ) due to effective drainage and compression of material
  • Two Drives—Propulsion in water achieved by two wrap-free auger drives that can turn for steering and tilt upward for easy maintenance
  • Land How?—Driving on land is done by a special track system Cut Away—U-double-knife cutting system: mowing width 2.3m (7’-7”), mowing depth up to 1.5m (4’-11”)
  • Double Cross—Conveyors equipped with special removable double cross bars made of “Polystal,” mounted on reinforced rubber belts
Weedooboats - amphibious weed harvester Amphibious 6925
Weedooboats - amphibious weed Harvester-6925


  • Side aluminum pontoons
  • Echo Sounder 
  • Removable bad weather/sun roof 
  • Lockable cab, can be lowered for transport or low-clearance areas
  • Lighting and equipment according to EU regulations
  • Micro-filter system
  • Toolbox behind the conveyor
  • Hydraulic or manual water/fire pump 
  • Bilge pump with signal in case of water ingress
  • Other options available on request


4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, approx. 55 kW/75 HP, 3,000 rpm, water-cooled
12 V, 80 Ah.
Diesel Tank
130 L (40 gal.)
Made of reinforced marina steel with seawater resistant top-coat
Transport length
Approx 12 m ·(39' -4'')
Length /Width
6 m (19' - 8'') /2.4 m ( 7' - 10'')
2.85 m (7' 5'')
Cutting Depth
1.5 m M (4'-11'')
Empty Weight
6,500 kg {12, 125 lb.)
5.5 m3 (7.2 yd.3)/.2,750 kg (6,063 lb.) due to compression up to 15 m3 (19.6 yd3)
Draft (unloaded/loaded)
45 cm (14'') / 55 cm ·(21.5'')
2 wrap-free auger drives, can tilt upward for maintenance, infinitely variable speed up up to 6 km/h (3075 mph) forward and 3 lm/h (2 mph) backward
Auger drives rotate hydraulically for steering
Cockpit with clear and ergonomic controls
Front Cuffing Unit
Cutting unit: stable and powerful double-knife cutting unit for optimum cutting quality ,2.3 m (7'-7'') cutting width, 1.5 m ( 4'-11'') cutting depth
Conveyor Belts
Speed infinitely variable, all conveyors equipped with special removable double-cross bars made of "Polystal", mounted on rubber belts
Front Conveyor
3.8 m (12'-6'')/ 1.9m (6'-3'')
Storage conveyor length/ Width /loading Width
3.4 m (14'-1'') / 1.9 m (6'-3'') / 2.1 m (6'-11'')
  • Autonomous unloading and loading, drives itself into the water
  • Works well in shallow waters or swampy areas that can’t be reached by boats
  • Powerful and maneuverable cutting and collecting of aquatic weeds such as water hyacinth,
    hydrilla, and milfoil; can also be used to collect floating trash and debris
  • Excellent all-around visibility for working and unloading, low clearance for traveling under
    bridges and overhead obstacles
  • Fast unloading (about 30 seconds) onto shore or marine transporters; high discharge height
    and distance