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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Weedoo Greenboat, Inc, is a leading manufacturer of environmental workboats. The boats’ mechanical harvesting capability successfully rids invasive waterway weeds and vegetation in an eco-friendly manner. 

Alternative cleanup options include chemical sprays. Many of these can be toxic to wildlife. After spraying, the tainted vegetation falls to the bottom of the pond along with the heavy metals contained in the spray. Some aquatic creatures that call this pond home will survive, but many of the smaller organisms will die. Once sprayed, the poisonous “clean-up” is a waterway filled with slowly-dying vegetation. And after numerous applications, plants can build up a tolerance to these sprays, adding ineffectiveness to poisonous.

Weedoo boats are rugged machines designed to tackle the toughest lake weeds in extreme and challenging conditions. 500 lbs of vegetation a minute…instant gratification. Even better, the job is done safely. That’s great news for the environment, the fish, the frogs and all other underwater wildlife.

Weedoo owner and CEO Tara Lordi offers advice, “Just ask. If you live near a waterway or in an HOA community with ponds or lakes, ask if there are herbicides being used and what they are. If harmful water from these lakes and ponds is used to irrigate your yard, these toxins are no longer just in the water, they’re in your lawn.”

Established in 1990, Weedoo Greenboat, Inc is a leading manufacturer of environmental workboats and amphibious work equipment for the aquatic weed harvesting industry, and services customers worldwide.

The Company can be contacted via telephone: 561-204-5765 or reached through its corporate website: www.weedooboats.com 

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