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Aquatic Plant Harvesting: Phosphorus Removal

Research paper on the mechanical harvesting approach. The results: macrophyte harvesting proves to be one of the most cost-effective means of removing phosphorus from urban shallow lake systems.

J of Aquatic Plant Management 55:26-34

Authors:Bartodziej, Blood, Pilgrim
January 2017
Weedooboats - muck removal Phosphorus Removal



  • Urban Lake of 2 acres in Minnesota
  • Shallow depth maximum 4′
  • Infested with Elodea & Hydrodictyon (waternet)
  • Options considered:
    • – Alum-cheaper but no nutrient removal
    • – Watershed management (Slow, Expensive)
    • – Harvesting best option

Key words: Common elodea, common carp, Cyprinus I earpio, Elodea canadensis, Hydrodictyon reticulatum, mechanical ! harvesting, phosphorus, water net, watershed, watershed best-management practices

The rest of the article can be found in a PDF file that you can safely download from our website.

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