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Weedoo is the industry’s leading manufacturer of aquatic weed harvesters and weed cutters. We value our natural resources and thanks to people like you who seek out solutions to preserve nature, we will win the fight to clean aquatic vegetation from our waterways! Weedoo aquatic weed harvesters are rugged machines that are designed to tackle the toughest lake weed removal jobs in the most extreme and challenging aquatic weed conditions.

Weedoo compact aquatic harvesters are easy to maneuver around docks with their zero turn capability. These aquatic harvesters have the stability of harvesters several times their size because of a unique hull design which allows maximum payload and balance. Weedoo aquatic harvesters are easy to launch without the need for paved boat ramps.

The Weedoo 300 Series aquatic harvester was developed over the past decade as the best aquatic weed removal machine on the market, able to rapidly transform waterways in an eco-friendly manner. Weedoo aquatic harvesters can operate in shallow, narrow, aquatic weed-choked waterways because they have an advanced, shallow draft hull design. Weedoo aquatic weed harvesters are factory equipped with our proprietary, quick-change attachment system, which makes it easy to switch between aquatic work implements and power systems.

Weedoo AquaHarvester

The Weedoo AquaHarvester is a pontoon style hull with a modern flush deck design and is fitted with our universal aquatic weed harvester. The patented 170-EBH Extractor/Bagger/Harvester is a quick-change universal weed harvester and is the ideal solution for collecting and bagging aquatic vegetation. The AquaHarvester is also equipped with a 24-Volt electric system including proprietary lithium-ion/solar/battery PowerPack. These eco-friendly lake harvesters are available with either single or twin propulsion drives.

Kill Duckweed
Weedoo aquatic weed harvester boat, circa 2007

Weedoo TC 3000 series Aquatic Harvester

The Weedoo TC 3000 series shares the same hull design as her sister machine but is functionally different from there on. The TC 3000 series has created a new standard in hi-speed aquatic weed removal. This powerful new design includes powerful side boom weed cutter and weed removal front end loader with marine bucket. The deck-mounted aquatic cutter boom can cut submerged vegetation to depths of 5 foot at hi-speed and also articulates allowing continuous aquatic vegetation cutting along shorelines and shallow lake banks. The aquatic weed removal front end loader with special weed removal bucket is designed the remove aquatic vegetation of any kind and can remove most lake weeds at a rate of 1,200 lbs. per minute! The TC 3000 series aquatic harvester is equipped with hi-efficiency environmentally friendly hydraulic systems and heavy-duty twin power drives for maximum maneuverability when removing thick lake weeds.

Weedoo Aquatic Vegetation Conveyor Systems

Weedoo also offers portable aquatic vegetation harvester systems that automate the process of transferring aquatic lake vegetation. Weedoo portable aquatic weed harvesting systems come in 14 feet and 21 feet lengths and are easy to deploy and use. Battery power allows quiet weed removal all day and they burn zero fossil fuel. These rugged lightweight aquatic weed harvesting conveyors are fully adjustable and can be used to remove aquatic weeds directly from the water or as a vegetation transfer system.

Compact size easy to maneuver around docks. Shallow Draft takes you to where the weeds are. Easy to launch no need for paved ramps. Easy to operate with zero turn capability. Quick-change implements for versatility and efficiency. Stability unique hull design for maximum payload and balance. Power options engineered to perform under extreme conditions.

Water Rakes
Older Harvester Model, circa 2011

Lake Clean Up Has Never Been Easier

Weedoo Aquatic Weed Harvesters are an effective and environmentally friendly way of removing aquatic vegetation and other debris in waterways of all sizes.

You may have seen some larger aquatic harvesters that do the job of water weed removal. However, sometimes nature does not comply with the manufacturer’s designs. Small shallow waterways are often not friendly to big aquatic harvesters. Weedoo waterway harvesters are designed to be agiler than other aquatic harvesters. Weedoo aquatic harvesters special design allows them to work in windy conditions when most other weed harvesters could not operate.

Transform An Overgrown Lake Into A Family-Friendly Environment – In One Afternoon

With the Weedoo high-speed underwater cutter, you can turn your weed-filled lake into a picturesque scene in a few hours.

Weedoo aquatic harvesters with revolutionary technology provide the ideal aquatic weed removal tools to make aquatic weed harvesting fast, easy and fun.

Choose The Right Underwater Cutter For The Job

Weedoo aquatic harvesters with their state-of-the-art hi-speed aquatic weed cutters provide the power and ease to cut aquatic vegetation more effectively and much faster than ever before.

The TC 3000 series aquatic weed cutter is easy to operate and does underwater hi-speed water weed cutting faster than any other aquatic harvesting machine. The TC 3000 series weed cutter combined with the 1,200 lb. per minute high capacity weed removal bucket loader makes this the most versatile and efficient aquatic harvester available in the market today.

Check out this video of the TC 3000 series weed harvester in action
The AquaHarvester is the world’s most efficient small aquatic harvester, runs all day on a Lituim-ion/Solar/Battery power and allows easy aquatic weed removal and transfer of pond weeds to shore.

Check out this video of the AquaHarvester in action

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Whether you own a home on a lake, operate a business maintaining waterways, are a government agency, or just have questions about lake weeds, give us a call. We value you and our most precious natural resource. Let us help you to take control of our waterways.

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