• Multifunctional, powerful, maneuverable, and robust amphibious boat for working on land, in the water and in swampy areas
  • Professional machine, perfect for working on a wide variety of jobs, including water maintenance,construction, or even disaster control
  • Low ground pressure on tracks for land use and powerful propeller drives for propulsion in water with strong currents
  • Front-mounted working boom with high performance hydraulics and quick-change system for using a variety of tools
Engine 4 cylinder diesel, 55kW/75HP at 2200 RPM
Battery 12V, 88 Ah, electrical control system
Diesel Fuel Tank 16 gal. (60 l)
L/W/H (overall) Approx 19’8” (6 m)/7’9” (2.35 m)/6’7” (2 m)
L/W/H (hull) 12’6” (3.8 m)/4’1” (1.25 m)/4’8” (1 m)
Draft Approx 21’5” (55 cm)
Ground Clearance Approx 16” (40 cm)
Propulsion in water Hydraulic weed-free augers with adjustable depth and tilt
Driving on land Tracks fitted around pontoons
Speed Variable up to 3.75 mph (6 km/h) on water and land
Working boom 7’10” (2.4 m) reach and 270º swing radius with quick-change system